Production of granulated continuous casting fluxes

The Pension Fund of the Russian Federation summed up the fifth annual All-Russian “Best Insurer” contest. The contest attracted more than seven million employers from all the regions of the Russian Federation, who pay insurance premiums for compulsory pension and health insurance. 1218 winners are the most socially responsible employers, including 16 organizations of Voronezh region, as the Pension Fund of the RF reports. The regional contest committees selected winners in four categories: the number of employees of more than 500 people; from 100 to 500 people; up to 100 people; individual entrepreneurs who have some employees. The best employers were determined by the contest commission according to a number of criteria. An employer promptly and in full transfers the premiums for the insured and the funded pension of its employees, as well as on time and without any mistakes submits all the documents necessary for conduct of personified accounting, appointment and recalculation of pensions, and conversion of the pension rights. The employer must do timely registration at the Pension Fund of Russia in case of employment of the employees who do not have insurance certificates. During the calendar year the offices of the Pension Fund of Russia should not record any complaints against the employer in terms of violations of the law on compulsory pension insurance. The average salary of employees must be bigger than the subsistence minimum sum approved by the state authorities of the Russian Federation. In addition, the contest committee can take into account the employer's participation in co-financing of the pension savings of the employees and presentation of the documents necessary for inventory, appointment and recalculation of pensions, in an electronic form. As a result, the winner in the nomination “Best 2014 insurer with the number of employees up to 100 people” was the limited liability company “Intocast-Rus”.